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election. a man described as a spokesman and son-in-law of osama bin laden has been arrested and will stand trial in new york. u.s. authorities have confirmed that sulaiman abu ghaith was charged with conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals. our washington correspondent has the details. he is with me now. what can you tell me about these charges? bmi we have just had the indictment released by the court in new york -- >> we have just had the indictment released by the court in new york. abu ghaith has been charged with one count of conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens here he is the son-in-law of osama bin laden. he was -- to kill u.s. citizens. he is the son-in-law of osama bin laden. he was a key member of osama bin laden's inner circle. the day after the 9/11 attacks, we saw him in a video on long side -- alongside osama bin laden. he said a great army is gathering against you. he called them the nation of islam. you go into battle against jews, christians, and the americans -- he said, "a great army as is gathering against you," he called them the nation of islam . "to go into battle against jews
-in-law of osama bin laden has been arrested and will stand trial in new york. u.s. authorities have confirmed that sulaiman abu ghaith was charged with conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals. our washington correspondent has the details. he is with me now. what can you tell me about these charges? bmi we have just had the indictment released by the court in new york -- >> we have just had the indictment released by the court in new york. abu ghaith has been charged with one count of conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens here he is the son-in-law of osama bin laden. he was -- to kill u.s. citizens. he is the son-in-law of osama bin laden. he was a key member of osama bin laden's inner circle. the day after the 9/11 attacks we saw him in a video on long side -- alongside osama bin laden. he said a great army is gathering against you. he called them the nation of islam. you go into battle against jews christians, and the americans -- he said, "a great army as ais gathering against you," he called them the nation of islam . "to go into battle against jews, christians, and the americans." we have the prospe
. >>> osama bin laden's son-in-law who served as al qaeda's spokesman faces charges in federal court here in new york city today. he was picked up in jordan accused of conspiring to kill americans. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. good morning susan. >> reporter: good morning, ann marie. this capture is considered a significant victory in the fight against al qaeda. abu ghayth is considered one of the last remaining members of osama bin laden's inner circle but some lawmakers here on catholic are not happy with the idea of these proceedings happening on u.s. sole. . >> reporter: osama bin laden's son-in-law will appear in this federal court in manhattan today. sulaiman abu ghaytl will face charges that he conspired to kill american citizens. >> he is not a big fish, but he is not a little fish and tease guys might lead you to bigger fish. >> reporter: after marrying osama bin laden's daughter, he was a member of bin laden's inner circle. in this video released one day after 9/11 he sat next to bin laden, praised the attack and warned of more ame
's it for us. thanks for watching. "early start" begins now. >>> caught. osama bin laden's son-in-law, an al qaeda mouthpiece, now in u.s. custody. you will not believe where he was hiding. >> the dow's history-making winning streak continues as the focus flips to jobs now in the key report. is your situation getting any better. >>> sloshing your way to work. a windy, snowy, disgusting mess hanging over the northeast right now. this is the winter storm that will not go away. >> sell it, berman. >>> it's not a right to bear arms. it is a requirement. the town that wants everyone to own a gun. good morning. welcome to "early start." thanks for being with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. it is friday, march 8th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. we'll start with a major very many in had the war on terror. sending shockwaves from manhattan to capitol hill to the middle east. osama bin laden's son-in-law captured and in u.s. custody and in just hours, abu ghaith will be in new york. more on how we caught him and the controversy surrounding this court appearance. susan candiotti is here. >>
-in-law of osama bin laden allegedly a top member of al qaeda will appear in a yonew york city courtroom on terror charges. there is outrage in washington someone so closely connected to the events of 9-11 is being treated like a common criminal. we more on this story. >>> attorney general eric holder is saying the rays of osama bin laden's son-in-law proves that no amount of distance or time will weaken our resolve to bring america's enemies to justice. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york says this man has been working against the united states for 13 years. and we now know the ingenls community tracked them through out the mid eels for years before picking him up in jordan. >> the history is somebody that has been active and engaged in al qaeda. as spent some time in iran the southern part of iran and planning during facilitation during al qaeda business. >> they hahe has been brought t united states for trial since he was an enemy combatant and someone from al qaeda's inner circle the same protections as an american citizen. >> people killed over 2900 americans and now we ha
for "early start." >> "starting point" starts now. >>> welcome, everybody. today, osama bin laden's son-in-law caught and brought to new york under a shroud of secrecy. what happens next? >>> and details on how a lion killed a young woman. that wild animal wasn't where it belonged. former president clinton urging the supreme court to overturn a law he signed when he was in the white house. >> holy dow! we are counting down to a key report about jobs now less than two hours away. >> forget the right to bear arms. one small american town is about to make it mandatory. a gun for every house and every family. >>> plus, a first look at hollywood's risky bet on a brand new "wizard of oz." is the yellow brick road paved with box office gold? >> and talk about this morning the mom who found her 7-year-old daughter's diet list. we'll chat with dara-lynn weiss. we had a her here talking about her daughter's struggle with obesity. tommy davidson, actor and comedian, joins us. and abbie cornish joins us later. it's friday, march 8. "starting point" begins now. >>> welcome, everybody. our "starting
examines the charges against sulaiman abu ghaith, an al qaeda spokesman and son-in-law to osama bin laden, who appeared in a new york court today. >> suarez: from caracas, matt frei of "independent television news" reports on the state funeral for venezuelan president hugo chavez, attended by dignitaries from more than 50 nations. >> this feels less like a funeral and more like a celebration of immortality. the government has taken the decision not to bury him, but to embalm chavez, and keep him lying in state forever. >> brown: david brooks and ruth marcus analyze the week's news. >> suarez: and we close with a writer's reflections on the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan two years ago. >> i felt the need to go, and it's been this lifelong thing about japan that has called me. i wanted to hear the stories. i wanted to help people. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnee lled "real and permant go." celebratin
anew. the captured son-in-law of osama bin laden today pleaded not guilty to trying to murder us americans and he did it blocks away from the spot -- well, from ground zero. how did we catch him and why isn't he at guantanamo bay? >> the lowest jobless rate in four years lifting the dow again. we're in record territory again. are investors getting ahead of themselves? the next time somebody says everything is awful, tell them, no, it's not. and a tsa agent fails to detect a fake bomb in a federal agent's pants even after a patdown. watch out for the shampoo. it's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. >> but first from fox, at 3:00 in new york city, bin laden's son-in-law step into a federal courthouse blocks from ground zero and pleaded not guilty to trying to kill americans. details remain sketchy on the arrest of the former al qaeda spokesman. us officials say they picked him up in jordan and that only happened after officials in turkey caught him and then released him without any charges. according to his indictment he is accused of serving alongside
: an associate and family member of osama bin laden appeared in a new york courtroom today. margaret warner reports. >> warner: outside, police vehicles with flashing lights guarded the federal court building in lower manhattan. while inside, suleiman abu ghaith-- alleged to have been a spokesman for al-qaeda-- pled not guilty to a single count of conspiring to kill americans. the 47-year-old kuwaiti was a muslim preacher, al qaeda follower and son-in-law to osama bin laden. he allegedly appeared with bin laden, the day after the 9/11 attacks. urging muslims to attack christians, jews and americans and a short time later, he gave this speech. >> ( translated ): the storm of planes will not stop. there are thousands of young muslims who desire martyrdom in the path of allah. >> warner: federal prosecutors say in 2002, abu ghaith left afghanistan for iran, where he's lived since. then, last month, he traveled to ankara, turkey, only to be detained and deported to kuwait. but during a stopover in amman, jordan, he was nabbed by u.s. authorities. and flown to new york to face charges in federal
unemployment rate of the obama's presidency. osama bin laden's son-in-law faces charges in a new york city courtroom near ground zero. critics say there's a et abouter way to bring him to justice. >>> and justin bieber's on-stage health scare. an ending to a bad week. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." wall street just closed another record-setting day with the dow jones industrials hitting a new all-time high. this after the release of the february jobs numbers that were much better than so many of the analysts expected. america's unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. that's the lowest level since december 2008, the month before president obama took office. the u.s. economy added 236,000 jobs last month. that's almost double the new hires in january. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. >> the markets are happy about it. the dow, wolf, continues to make history. the strong jobs report fueling the dow. today's close marks the fourth straight all-time high this week. these bulls, they just keep on running. look at the dow. it's now 200 points above the initial high we we
their respects. charges but conspiring to kill u.s. citizens. osama bin laden's son in a lot is due in court in new york city. -- son-in-law due in court. north korea says they are cutting their hot line with the south and will be canceling the non-aggressive acts. they have impose new sanctions in response to a third nuclear bomb test. we have more from the capital of seal. -- seoul. >> exchanger verbal fire has become more intense. >> the broad was sparked when the u.n. security council unanimously passed the resolution of harsher sanctions on p'yongyang. visited the front line troops last time they exchanged a lot of fire when four south koreans had killed. they said to be prepared for evacuation. he said they would be ready for all-out war. the south korean government expressed regret when they cut a hot line between the two nations. they vowed action if they did anything to endanger south korean lives. there were several closed-door meetings. these threats are nothing new. they're facing an early test after just two weeks in office. >> some feel there's a wider office of these threats f
videos del presidente hugo chávez en >> un yerno de osama bin laden es llevado a la jsticia por planear matar estadounidenses. >> ester gordilla no es la única de realizar fraudes >> hay cardenales que no están contentos por la decisión de benedicto xvi por mantener en secreto un polémico documento. ♪ ♪ >>> un yerno de osama bin laden va a comparecer en una corte de nueva york. fuentes del gobierno confirmaron que fue arrestado en turquÍa y trasladado a los estados unidos y se le acusa de comspirar para asesinar a ciudadanos de estados unidos. ahora en mÉxico. a la maestra se le complicaron las cosas, no solo implican a gordillo sino a familiares suyos tambiÉn. el testimonio viene de otra acusada. >>> la angustia alcanza a la familia de elba ester. luego que nora ugarte dijo que las beneficiadas fueron ademÁs de ellas sus dos hijas, le pregunta sabe quiÉnes fueron los beneficirÍos de dichos pagos? >>> mÓnica arreola, gordillo y montelongo. >>> montelongo pagaba viajes, cirugÍas, etcÉtera, y formaba parte de una compaÑÍa con la que se hicieron algunos negoc
to 7.7%. he was one of america's most wanted men. but today osama bin laden's son-in-law has appeared in court in new york city, just a few blocks away from the site of the world trade center. he plotted not guilty to plotting to kill americans. .s. officials say ali larayedh conspired to kill americans. i spoke a brief time ago with the bbc's steve kingston. have an aleved role in the 9/11 attacks? >> if you look at the evidence, no, he's not directly aaccusinged of involvement with the attacks. instead, immediately after 9/11 bin laden called up his son-in-law. the following day he appeared in a video with bin haden and essentially threatened further attacks, so the nature of this charge threatening to kill americans and the nature of the argument is he tried to incite further attacks. >> where he -- has he been since 9/11? >> he went from afghanistan to iran. he stayed in iran for about 10 years before leaving iran. again, it's not quite clear how. at the beginning of this year he went to turkey. the f.b.i. made the turkish authorities aware that he was there. it was in jordan that
fecha para el cónclave que eligirá el nuevo papa >> un yerno de osama bin laden puede ser condenado a cadena perpetua >> l (música) disculpe, señora, siéntese. >> a solo días de la semana santa, el colegio cardenaclicio designo el 12 de marzo para comentar a votar, la residencia de santa marta esta lista, y antonieta collins nos tiene los detalles en el vaticano >> hola que tal, muy buenas noches ya es día, es sábado, es sábado en roma, un día de más descanso luego de una semana de espera, y ya se conoce por lo menos 1 de los 2 enigmas más importante de la iglesia católica. >> estoy contento que se haya fijado la fecha del conclave, ojalá el señor nos ilumine, y la persona elegida sea precisamente el que dios haya designado para ello >> el cardenal primado de venezuela rompio el silencio que les impuso el colegio de cardenales >> todos podemos ser elegidos, pero no tengo aspiracion >> en el cónclave se hace una serie de preguntas ¿que psa con el hogar temporal de los cardenales? el domo santa marta en los predios, que funciona como hotel, quedó vacío, salieron los
. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law, we were talking about this yesterday. he's being arraigned in the u.s. court on charges of conspireing to kill americans. >> and we'll have his response to those charges in a live report. >> also coming up, new details on how that lion was able to attack an american intern working in a cat sanctuary. >>> and later, justin bieber released from the hospital and preparing for a big concert in europe. we'll take you live to london for a preview. blacked him outs card here and here. he should have used... the capital one venture card. he's coming to us from home. hey fellas... hey baby, you want mama to iron your undies? nice tightie whities. i didn't know mrs. barkley made quilts. really? looks like a circus tent. is that the best you got? now if you put this, with this, you have a sailboat. what's in your wallet? we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ]
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of livermore. no incidences for the nimitz. >> in world news. osama bin laden's son-in- law, who is also known as an al qaeda spokesman, has been captured and brought to the united states. today he will appear in court on federal conspiracy charges. ed payne has the story. osama bin laden's son-in- law has been captured and is in the united states. sulaiman abu ghaith is being held in new york -- he is expected to appear in court friday to face federal charges. u-s congressman spokesman says abu ghaith was captured within the past week in jordan the treasury department describes abu ghaith as "the official spokesman of al qaeda" since the nine- eleven attacks. some say they should be using a guantanamo bay facility. to gather information, some people want justice. >> there has been no justice for the families. these people take politics with the trials of these men. >> north korea is keeping up the rhetoric. they now say they're canceling a hotline and a nonaggression pact with rival south korea. north korea's arm for dealing with cross-border affairs with seoul, says it will r
right. thanks. >>> he was close to osama bin laden. real close. and right now he's close to us. he's in a new york courtroom, but many people wonder why this former al qaeda mouthpiece isn't in guantanamo bay instead. >>> the president who signed the defense of marriage act into law now says it's time to put doma asunder. >>> and jurors in the ex-rated murder trial of jodi arias let the defendant know exactly what they think of her. and this is long before they reach a verdict on her life or death. >>> we begin this hour with the first step on a very long road to justice for a man, american federal civilian justice, for a son-in-law of osama bin laden, whom the united states is accusing of con spir conspiracy to kill us. he had been out of sight for years only to surface last week in the middle east and then wind up in the hands of the cia. and at that point, was really easy, key have had a one way ticket to guantanamo bay. and some people on capitol hill think that is exactly where that man belongs. but instead, he just appeared like any other accused criminal in a federal court i
. but are there dark clouds on the horizon? >>> osama bin laden's son-in-law finally faces a judge in new york. and there's some lawmakers that are very unhappy about that, i.e., new york versus guantanamo? >>> later in the show, dr. andrew weil is our guest, he has a stunning critique of health care in america tonight. let's go "outfront." good friday evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, rays of economic sunshine. history on wall street with the dow soaring more than 2% this week to a record high. and news that the unemployment rate in america fell from 7.9% to 7.7%. that's actually the lowest level we've seen in four years. rosier than even the rosiest of forecasts. so we're on the up and up, right? all this stuff about forced spending cuts was just a bunch of b.s.? well, remember when president obama issued this warning a few weeks ago? >> people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate might tick up again. >> all right, today's report, and this is important, is based on data from last month, before the cuts went into effect. so the president could still be right. and
serious is that threat and how california could play a role in stopping him. >> son-in-law of osama bin laden caught now in the united states. where he was hiding and what he is saying tonight. >> why it was so important for police from around the state and the country to attend the memorial today for 2 fallen cops from santa cruz. >> stay with us. another half >> stay with us. another half hour of news here on 7 news at been waiting for the price othen don't miss sleep train's beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale. save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest and posturepedic. save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. these prices are falling fast, but these deals won't last. the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale is on now at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind
served as osama bin laden's spokesman. not clear to what extent, if any, classified information will be presented during trial, and lastly. the uproar continues as to whether or not this is the proper venue, federal court. critics have argued he is an enemy combatant and should be held in guantanamo. nevertheless, tonight osama bin laden's son-in-law is being held in a federal detension facility in lower manhattan, only blocks from the site of the former twin towers. eric? >> thank you, david lee. does this guy belong in gitmo? ambassador john bolton says get him out of here now. ambassador, can we get him out of here now? isn't it too late once he is here and we read him miranda? >> it may be that the dam has already been done. the think the real question here is for future reference, stopping the administration from doing this. this whole prosecution is to prove an ideological point. originally the obama administration wanted to bring people from guantanamo to the southern district of new york and congress effectively stopped that. so what the administration did, i think to ma
blocks from ground zero, osama bin laden's son-in-law pleaded not guilty to plotting against america. he was a top al qaeda spokesman captured overseas and charged with conspiracy to kill americans but the justice department decision to try him in a united states court is not sitting well with some republicans. >> this guy didn't problem a liquor store. he is a spokesman close to, as you can see, the people who killed over 2,900 americans. now we have our hands on him, why in the world are we treating him as if he is some common criminal and why in the world is he not at guantanamo bay being held by us under our terms and conditions as long as it takes to get good intelligence? >> now with reaction from nashville, a republican strategist, and from new york, a democratic strategist. we will start with you, tara, what do you make of the the sheikh mohammed, the administration did an about face and decided to try him as an enemy combatant and a military tribunal but in this case they decided to go right to the federal court and it seemed very strange to me, a strange decision. >> well, firs
that undercover officers have now been assigned to the area. osama bin laden's son in- law facing a judge on american soil today. the government describes sulaiman abu ghaith as a spokesperson for the terrorist network after the 9-11 attacks. now he is entitled to the same judicial process as the american citizens he is accused of conspiring to kill. elizabeth corridan brings us up-to-date on today's developments. >> reporter: osama bin laden's son-in-law, sulaiman abu ghaith, made a brief appearance friday in a federal court room in new york city. he entered a not guilty plea through his attorney. abu ghaith is charged with one count of conspiring to kill americans. in court documents, prosecutors allege the al qaeda spokesperson tried to recruit more terrorists and said about potential post 9-11 attacks on the u-s, quote, 'the storms will not stop, especially the airplane storms." abu ghaith - seen here with osama bin laden- was transferred to u.s. custody overseas on february 28th and arrived in the united states the following day. prosecutors say the suspect made a 22-page statement f
. >>> and a dramatic turn this week, osama bin laden's son-in-law appearing in a federal court this week in new york, very close to where al-qaeda brought down the world trade center towers. sulaiman abu ghaith pled guilty to a plot to kill americans. he was captured abroad. and the decision to take him to new york versus the facility in guantanamo bay is raising controversy. joining us, peter bergen, and jeff toobin, first, what do we know about sulaiman abu ghaith? >> well, the indictment against him, he is described as a spokesperson. and one thing the government has to do as the case proceeds to trial is show that he actually advanced a conspiracy to kill americans. didn't just advocate or just give rhetorical support. the current charges against him are pretty minimal against him on that score. although the government will have many months to spell out the case against him. >> he was the one that appeared in videos in 2001 in september, 2001, warning the west, warning muslims stay away from the united states. stay away from those high rise buildings, don't get on planes. we're coming after you.
. a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith is expected to face terror-related charges. the justice department announced yesterday he was arrested in jordan last week. abu ghaith is considered a top kite kite operative and served as a spokesman for bin laden. >> he is not a big fish. but he's not a little fish. you know, when you catch these guys, they may lead you to the bigger fish. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham and other republicans are criticizing the obama administration saying abu ghaith should be at guantanamo bay, not in a u.s. federal court. >>> 34 and 8, oh, my god, this is the one. >> striking it rich. a bay area man wins the $33 million jackpot. kpix 5 is there as he claims the prize. >> they know that i don't know how to snowboard. >> i don't think that's what this is about. >> a tahoe resort's ceo teaming up with an olympic skier. johnnie mosley is here to talk about the undercover adventure. more coming up. well, well, well. growing up, we didn'
mccain says enough is enough. he joins us to talk about that and osama bin laden's son-in-law on american soil. >> i believe he's an enemy combatant and he should be in guantanamo. >> growing pains, passing out, smoking pot, fighting with photographers. what's really going on with justin bieber? >> what did you say? >>menounos knows him well. she joins me. >> and also clive davis and his love for women and men. >> found that the attitude in general towards bisexuality is you're either gay, you're straight, our you're lying. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." good evening. the stage is set for dramatic trial in new york city. osama bin laden's son-in-law and mouth piece is in a manhattan jail after pleading not guilty to terrorism charges. it's the first toom new yorkers got to see him face-to-face, and it comes on a very busy day on america's security front. also stinging criticism of the t tsa allowing small knives and bats on planes. they say passengers should be allowed to go on board with battle-axes and even machetes. a lot of people are stunned by it, including my
was once osama bin laden's right-hand man is in the hands of the united states. sulaiman abu ghaith was flown to new york to face trial for conspiring to kill americans. and we asked bob orr to tell us more about him. >> reporter: sulaiman abu ghaith is one of the last remaining members of osama bin laden's inner circle. abu ghaith, who married one of bin laden's daughters, was a chief spokesman for al qaeda, a leading propagandist in the months surrounding 9/11. on september 12, one day after the attacks, abu ghaith appeared next to bin laden in this al qaeda video, warning america to brace for follow-up blows from the terror group. but when the u.s. military launched its war in afghanistan in late 2001, abu ghaith dropped out of sight. in early 2002, counter-terrorism officials say, abu ghaith, and a handful of other al qaeda fugitives fled to iran where they spent several years under house arrest. he resurfaced some time last month in turkey. u.s. intelligence was tipped off, and sources say abu ghaith was arrested by the fbi last thursday, february 28, and then secretly flown to
. right now on "first look" osama bin laden's son-in-law has been captured and faces charges of conspiracy to kill americans. >>> that california lion that mauled an intern actually escaped a cage before killing the 24-year-old in a cleaning enclosu enclosurer. >>> former president bill clinton says it's time to overturn a discriminatory law he signed as president. >>> actress demi moore wants ashton kutcher to pay alimony. >>> the odds makers have been predicting future popes for centuries. find out who leads the pack now. >>> google has a $30 million offer that's out of this world. good morning. i'm mara ski yav campo. osama bin laden's son-in-law has been brought to the united states to appear in a new york courtroom later today. he was captured back in jordan in january after years on the run from the cia. in the years after 9/11, he became one of al qaeda's loudest vouss on propaganda and recruitment. he never took over the terror business but u.s. officials describe him as a figure akin to a mob family. lawmakers say it's a huge victory in the war on terror but the decision to hold h
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: hi, ken and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. osama bin laden's right-hand man woke up this morning in new york city. we'll tell you the inside story of how the fbi got their man tonight on the "cbs evening news." at 5:30, right after kpix 5 news. c save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest and posturepedic. save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪c san jose are getting a raise next >>> new at 6:00 tonight, thousands of workers across san jose are
. for more go to >> still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00 osama bin laden's son-in-law appears in federal court what. he is saying to the intelligence official who's caught him. >> north korea's star. a leader kim jong un makes a visit to troops. >> michelle obama honors several women. stay with us. >>> the february jobs number showed a quarter million americans found work. the rate dropped to 7.7%. lowest in four years. the labor department says lawyers added 236,000 jobs in february. and wages have increased. mark matthews got reaction from workers and nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi was at ucsf to talk about the cuts but we did get to ask her about the job numbers. congress woman pell yosy asked to give her a platform to talk about. >> in case anyone missed it how important investments and science are to us. >> because of the sequester, uc. sf stands to lose $28 million from the nih. the. >> nih funded research identified hiv as cause of aids and that identified pr protease inhibitor that's saved thousands of lives. >> pelosi is convinced the sequester cuts will only hurt reco
the country what cuts could mean. >> the case against the son-in-law of osama bin laden and role in the family business. >> a story of a man who... nearly became the first chinese american in the nba. tonight meeting the man who did. >> tonight we have a strong indication the u.s. economy is strengthening following the great recession. the jobs report shows employers went on a hiring spree last month and unemployment fell. the construction industry added 48,000 new jobs the biggest month of hiring in six years. retailers schools and hospitals and movie industry all added jobs as well. and wages are rising. >> you don't want to see low paying jobs are restaurant jobs these are professional job that's drove this. >> this was music to the ears of wall street. dow jones rose to its fourth high of 67 points up today. >> unemployment is considered high and a lot of people can't find jobs. the government's automatic spending cuts could slow the recovery. and mark matthews is here on that. >> a month ago we told but cuts at ucsf and funding they can lose. nothing has changed today, house minority lead
for justice on the war on terror. the son-in-law of osama bin laden has been brought here to new york city. he was in a courtroom today, very near ground zero. abc's ron claiborne tells us why and what happened. >> reporter: security was tight this morning for the arrangement -- arrangement of sulaiman abu ghaith. the husband of osama bin laden's daughter. and the first member of the terror mastermind's family to appear in a u.s. civilian court. dressed in blue inmate's clothing, he said little during the proceeding, just yes and no to several questions from the judge. his lawyer entered the "not guilty" plea on his behalf. just before and after the 9/11 attacks, abu ghaith served as an outspoken propagandist for al qaeda. the indictment said he conspired and agreed to kill americans. but the justice department decided to try him in a civilian court rather than send him to guantanamo. if abu ghaith goes on trial, it will be here at the u.s. district courthouse in lower manhattan. that courthouse, less than one mile from here. ground zero. karen greenburg was inside the courtroom. >> when you b
300 points for the week. a gain of about 2.2%. osama bin laden's son-in-law stood in an american court today and pleaded not guilty to conspiring to kill americans. sulaiman abu ghaith appeared in new york federal court just blocks away from where the twin towers fell. after all of these years, how did the c.i.a. finally catch him? for that we turn to senior correspondent john miller, former assistant director of the f.b.i. john? >> reporter: scott, sulaiman abu ghaith was one of a number of key aides and family members of osama bin laden who spent most of the last decade living in iran largely under house arrest. weeks ago, abu ghaith managed to get out of iran and cross the border into turkey. the c.i.a.'s bin laden group was able to track abu ghaith's movements to a luxury hotel in downtown apg a. he hoped to get help from al qaeda's network to move from out country, but the c.i.a. was working with the m.i.t., turkey's national intelligence service, and they arrested abu ghaith a month ago. while in turkish custody, he was interrogated by a u.s.-led multiagency group known as the hi
plans for his body after the ceremony. >>> also the southern law of osama bin laden all set to appear in a federal court. >>> an announcement overnight that could make this year's fire season a very difficult one here in california. >>> welcome back. we take you live to vatican city where the pre-conclave meetings are taking place. they're going to announce today that they're veoting later this afternoon when they'll start the date. it will be early next week they'll start. either monday, tuesday or wednesday. it's 4:45. >>> news from silicon valley. facebook telling us more about the new look of a change coming to your homepage in the coming weeks. ceo mark zuckerberg says the makeover will turn news feeds into something like a newspaper at tailored to fit each user. facebook says it will slowly roll it out over time. >> i'm sure employers everywhere are happy to hear that. more stuff happening on facebook. >>> wall street will be watching closely this morning as labor department releases new unemployment numbers about an hour from right now. right now we are sitting at 7.9% unemploy
-in-law of osama bin laden has been captured but guess what? he won't be going to gitmo. he'll be going to new york city today and going to court. should he get the same rights as an american citizen? >>steve: the state department wanted to honor her with the courage award until we reported that she wanted america to burn on 9/11. doesn't anybody over at the state department have google. wait till you hear their response. >>brian: a major classroom controversy. one kid's cupcake. are they threatening. they're threatened over these world world war ii soldies on top of the cupcakes at school. "fox & friends" begins right now. >>steve: i was going to say hello to clayton but look who's on tv now. it's anna kooiman. where are you? >> the world baseball classic is underway and the united states is playing their first game tonight against mexico. we have fans from around the world. let's hear it. watching the big game this morning on 15 flat screens here. we've got over 20 tv's. we're going to be touring you around the state. there is dirt from every single major baseball park here. >>steve: that is awes
/11 is right now sitting in new york city. not gitmo. we'll debate the fate of osama bin laden's son-in-law. >>> plus, a medical examiner needs help identifying bodies. so he's posting their graphic pictures online. >>> and -- >> what did you say? what did you say? >> bieber drama. showing up late, collapsing, tweeting suggestive pics. are we watching another star fall? >>> happy friday. good to see all of you. i'm brooke baldwin. at the vatican today, it was the vote to decide the vote. so now we have a date. it is march 12th that is next tuesday. that is when those 115 cardinals will meet to choose benedict's successor. that's when we start the so-called smoke watch. remember this from eight years ago? here it was, when we saw the white smoke rising above the vatican, from the chimney, there at the beautiful sistine chapel in rome. that is when the world knows. that's a signal when we will have a new pope. the white smoke. but until then, there is a lot to do. in fact, the chimney hasn't even been built yet. and as far as communications there has been a ban inside this hotel where
to revisit that grand bargain? we'll talk to alan simpson. >>> terror on trial in new york. osama bin laden's son-in-law appears in a manhattan courtroom as republicans argue he should be in gitmo instead. >> we're putting the administration on notice. we think that sneaking this guy into the country clearly going around the intent of congress when it comes to enemy combatants will be challenged. >> in venezuela, a state funeral today for hugo chavez as thousands pay tribute. >>> ditching doma. the president who signed the gay marriage ban into law now says it should be overturned. why the change of heart? >>> and awkward, party of two. a now "new york times" photographer steven crowley captures john mccain and rand paul only moments after mccain slammed paul's made for television filibuster. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live from washington. the stock market soaring to a new record high. the jobless numbers are at a four-ee low, and the washington post chris joins us now along with greg with the economist and cnbc wr this is your specialty, so let's start with you today. let's get behi
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with activity again. this is one of osama bin laden's sons-in-law. this guy was sort of a mainstay in al qaeda propaganda videos for years after 9/11. he was a spokesman for al qaeda, said to have been personally close with bin laden. in january, he was captured in turkey. he was eventually handed over to jordan and then jordan handed him over to american authorities. because we as a country have a long history of deal with terrorism suspects, guess where his next stop was? shortly after he got off the plane from the middle east. if you history of dealing with terrorism suspects, guess where he got off the plane? the u.s. district court in manhattan, if you guessed that, you would be correct. that courthouse has been sending international terrorism suspects away for going on three decades now. osama bin laden's son-in-law appeared at the courthouse, charged with a conspiracy to kill americans, a crime that carries a potential life sentence, that development, the capture and appearance in federal court of a high-ranking al-qaeda figure was greeted today with delight? congratulations? no, it was
, thanks. it's 11:00 on the east coast. osama bin laden pfrs spokesman and son-in-law in court blocks away from ground zero. how he was caught, how he'll by tried and what it does to al qaeda. join us tonight. >> also, tonight, the week's most unforgettable moments from jodi arias on the stand, to the rare jury questions to what happens next. >> we begin with breaking news. thehe the head of one of america's biggest airlines speaking out on thedition to allow knives on aircrafts. >> he wrote, quote, we must object to the decision to allow small knives back in the aircrafts. joining us is the international president of the association of flight attendants. what do you make of this? you must be pleased that the delta ceo is weighing in on the side of the flight attendants. why are you opposed to this? >> it's completely unnecessary to introduce a weapon to the aircraft. introduce knives back into the cabin. makes no sense. >> is it out of concern for the safety of flight attendsants and other personnel onboard the aircraft that is your primary concern here? >> well, as flight attendants, we'
osama bin laden's son-in-law, senior al qaeda lead are, abu ghaith was in federal court. he was detained in turkey before being flown to the united states. reviving the debate whether terrorists should be tried in civilian court. pete is here with more. good day to you. >> he was once an al qaeda spokesman who sat next to osama bin laden and threatened americans with terrorism but abu ghaith was sitting in a federal courthouse in new york facing terrorism charges that could bring him life in prison. prosecutors say he appeared on a veed-r video with osama bin laden a day after the 9/11 attacks warning a great army is gathering against you. in a later video the government says he issued another warning telling children and muslims in the u.s., quote, not to board any aircraft and not to live in highrises. u.s. officials say he had been in iran for much of the past decade with other al qaeda figures under some form of house arrest. some republicans say it's a mistake to put him on trial in a civilian court instead of a military tribunal at guantanamo bay. he talked to investigators extensi
morgan tonight." good evening. the stage is set for dramatic trial in new york city. osama bin laden's son-in-law and mouth piece is in a manhattan jail after pleading not guilty to terrorism charges. it's the first time new yorkers got to see him face-to-face, and it comes on a very busy day on america's security front. also stinging criticism of the tsa allowing small knives and bats on planes. they say passengers should be allowed to go on board with battle-axes and even machetes. a lot of people are stunned by it, including my first guest, senator john mccain who is making news right here about it. senator, welcome to you. >> thank you, piers, good to be back. >> you're all over the news again today, predominantly involving osama bin laden's son-in-law, sulaiman abu ghaith, you're not happy at all that he's been tried in a criminal court. why is that? >> i believe he's an enemy combatant and according to the rules of war, he should be tried as such and he should be in guantanamo. and one of the questions that should be asked, if that is not the case, and clearly it's not, how soo
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